Pre-Paid & Post-Paid with Remote Connection / Dis-Connection

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Multiple  Configurable Analog &  Digital Sensor Interfaces as per requirement

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Optimal choice of Power Source between Mains / DG / Battery / Solar

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With a very compact and competent team, we operate at the cutting edge of innovation in the space of:

E-2-E Smart Metering Solutions in the utility Sector - Electricity, Water, Gas etc  

.AVTS - Automatic Vehicle Tracking Systems for industrial and commercial fleet owners.

. RMCS - Remote Monitoring and Control Systems for industrial, urban and rural applications.


.BTS Energy Metering and Remote Monitoring + Optimization of Mobile Base Station Tower power consumption by appropriately choosing between Mains / DG / Battery / Solar

The core of our approach is IP driven towards development of technologies and solutions specific to the needs of the people and environment which form our target segments.


GEOVAS products and services are already in commercial use and companies have already shown a preference for our METRIX (Smart Metering) and GEON (AVTS) devices and solutions from GEOVAS, over market-leading offerings.

News & Credentials

Our Credentials in the field of Remotely Controlled Energy Meters are as follows:

1.     IS 13779 BIS Certified  METRIX 1-Ph mGPRS meter Type tested at ERTL Calcutta in 2010.

2.     Our METRIX 1-Ph mGPRS Meter successfully tested for Measurement/Calibration at a well known North Indian DISCOM Laboratory, in May 2011.

3.     Our METRIX 1-Ph mGPRS Meter Successfully tested for various kinds of Tampers at a well known North Indian DISCOM Laboratory,  in June 2011.

4.     Successful Pilot run of our METRIX 1-Ph mGPRS meters for 4 months (July Onwards)in two significant areas of well known North Indian DISCOM .

5.     Subsequent to Successful demo, Pilot deployment of our METRIX  3-ph mGPRS meters in another North Indian EB, to begin in December 2011.