NOTE: Geovas Technologies has been formally closed with Registrar of Companies in 2019

Product Offerings

Geovas offers robust, well designed and certified products under its 'METRIX' (Smart Meter) and 'GEON-WAY' (Vehicle/Asset Tracking & Monitoring) brands. Geovas' products enhance the smartness and efficiency of utility services, and reduce losses by near-real-time remote monitoring and control across diverse applications and segments.

Geovas' devices are available in various configurations like pure-GSM/hybrid-GSM/GPS with RS-485/RS-232 options and multiple analog and digital sensor interfaces for temperature, pressure, RPM, et. al. sensors.


Geovas' products undergo strict quality assurance/quality control, including:


Remote Pre/Post-Paid Smart Metering

The METRIX brand of remotely controlled smart meters come available with a range of communication interfaces like GSM-GPRS, LPR-Zigbee, combination of both, etc. They enable near-real-time reports of energy consumption/loss monitoring via email reports, SMSs, web sites, et. al. Use of METRIX meters ensure a much improved consumer experience, significant reduction in AT&C (i.e. Aggregate Technical & Commercial) losses and effective prevention/correction of tampering or pilferage.

See Brochure and Demo Manual


Vehicle/Asset Tracking and Monitoring

GEON-WAY devices can be fitted in one hour in commercial vehicles or on industrial/construction assets and be easily configured for customer/ equipment-specific needs to enable geographical information and remote monitoring & control services. Exception/emergency-handling alerts and alarms are included. Owners can then get on-demand/periodic custom-reports on the location, engine status, speed, fuel gauge, RPM, meter-readings, etc. of any vehicles/assets to optimize the ROI from their use.

See Brochure and Demo Manual